The Old Market space…

Opening weekend went well! We had lots of visitors and patrons… all who seemed thrilled about the new place. Those of you who weren’t able to make it down, we wanted you to see how the space turned out. This isn’t quite the final product, but close! We were asked over and over throughout the [&hellip

Couple more building sneak peaks…

You wanna see WHAT on our menu??

Something I have loved about the process of this restaurant business is the fantastic feedback and requests we’ve gotten from all of you. We’ve been pushing this whole ‘local business’ thing a lot lately and you know why, because whenever I’ve heard someone start out saying “You know what you need on your menu..”, it [&hellip

Headed to the Big Apple- anywhere we should eat?

Brian and I are headed to New York City this weekend… everyone knows that some of the best cuisine in the world is in New York, and as we finalize our menu, design, style, it only makes sense to glean inspiration from a place like NYC. So my question for you, faithful blog readers: is [&hellip

Year of the rabbit? More like, year of the local foods.

I ran across this article tonight…. Katie forwarded it to me awhile back, and it was just a great reminder, because if you haven’t heard, this is exactly what we’ve been picturing. ———- Article from: “delish.com” “Local, local, local. In case you haven’t heard locally sourced food is big, and according to chefs around the [&hellip

Midwest Inspiration continued…

From: Katie Well, when Jael and Brian headed south, I headed east. It was a great visit with some old friends and some fun stops in and around the Cities.  We had to hit the Farmer’s Market;  how great are they?!! Such a great place to stroll and take in all the freshness …and some of the [&hellip

Midwest inspiration

Kansas City was a quick trip, but with the I-29 closure, we got to do some small-town-America touring. Driving through the little villages that dot Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri reminded of my childhood- in the 80’s, my father had not yet embraced the “Interstate” concept, and our trips around the country involved only 2-lane travel. [&hellip

Angels in America

A little inspiration…

Walking around at the Minneapolis farmers market. Sensory overload! its beautiful, colorful, and smells amazing! I could do this every Saturday!

Watermelon margarita, anyone?

Last night at Brian and my house, Katie, Angie and I pored over bar designs, swatches, financials, with a little guacamole and house-made watermelon ‘rita until well after midnight. Yes, we’ve been working a whole lot in the past couple months, but I can tell you we’ve been eating and drinking well in the process. [&hellip